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About Pinetech – Pinetech Manufacturing Pty Ltd is a new name, for a well-known business in the timber manufacturing industry. Previously known as Dynatech, Pinetech continues to; provide Engineered Timber Solutions to the residential and commercial construction sectors, manufacture internal (hollow and solid core) door componentry, and produce customised products for the cabinetry and shop fit-out industry.

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At PineTech we understand the importance of advice in the use and care of our products. We have studied the growth of trees, the attributes of pine ‘heartwood’ and ‘sapwood’, the preservation of timber, the use of timber in outdoor situations, and how to preserve and care for our products. We understand that the end users of our product want them to look great and last forever. Ask our team about problems you may have experienced, it is our duty to help. At PineTech, we have our own in-house expertise to create new products, build equipment, and achieve the best product integrity.

Our Timber

The PineTech Management team has over 50 years of experience in the sourcing and processing of timber. The grade selection of timber is critical in supplying structural integrity, and in providing products that are ‘Fit for Purpose’.  Through our processing facilities, we have direct influence over the quality of our timber at every point. Our timber is sourced from Queensland, and is from mature ‘Pinus Elliottii’ and ‘ Pinus Caribaea’ trees. All H4 products are seasoned, and treated to the required protection level. It has an outstanding dry density of approximately 625kg/m3, which gives our products good structural values. We are very proud of our timber.


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